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Creepy Crazy Koooky Spooky by Cattype Creepy Crazy Koooky Spooky by Cattype
I have older artwork of these characters I still need to post but I wanted to post this first with notes as an introduction to them. Otherwise, they're hard to keep track of.

Often snotty and mean to people but, at heart, not a bad kid. Untrusting, miscevious, aloof

Vivia is a vampire witch. (A term I thought I made up but a quick search reveals it's apparently been used before) I haven't created much cannon for what vampire witches are like aside from the idea that they live in tribes/cults/families and typically don't interact much with non-vampire witches. The only backstory I have for Vivia so far is that something happened between her and her clan about a century ago (Vivia is 300 years old) and her response to it was to abandon everything she knew, live alone, and become very bitter.  She now lives by herself in a secret lair in the woods. She can occasionally be seen flying around the woods in the evening and sometimes picks on the local non-vampire witches, especially Morrisa. Over time, however, she may warm up to the other witches and join their coven.

I previously posted Vivia here on DA a few years ago as simply "Vampire Girl". My original inspiration for her was that I just wanted to draw a vampire girl with magenta hair and white streaks in her bangs evocative of fangs. I'm not much of a gamer but I think the bat wings may have at least been subconsciously inspired by Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

shy, timid, fraidy cat, She's always had a problem with kids picking on her and has trouble standing up for herself. 

In addition to adjusting to her new home in the Witching Realm, Morrisa is adjusting to the fact that she's now a monster and that the way people view her and the way she views herself is now different. She's friends with Melanie and Wisteria, albeit more from default than anything else. It's not that they're bad kids (well, maybe Melaine) it's just that she has difficulty relating to them. But she tags along with them because they're the only ones that will hang out with her.
While Vivia's character arc is about learning to trust other people, Morissa's character arc is about learning to trust herself.

In the artist comments for Vampire Girl I mentioned something about an idea for a "reluctant zombie girl". This is her. Her design is a combination between a scarecrow, a Raggedy Anne doll and a little bit of Frankenstein's monster. 

Precocious brat. Curious but a bit gullible. Loves exploring, experimenting, and showing off. Very proficient in magic but naive to the world around her.

Remember Dexter's Laboratory? You know how Dexter was a super genius elementary schooler with a gigantic secret labratory hidden in his room were he experimented with things like time travel, artificial intelligence, and gene slicing and yet there would occasionally be episodes like the one were he thought he was going to explode because he was too naive to know that burritos make you fart? I kinda imagine Melanie being a bit like that. (For the record, I'm only making this reference because I was surprised to see how much less I had to say about Mel than the other characters. Especially since she's one of my favorites out of the bunch.)

I've posted some colored sketches of Melanie before.

Calm, polite, friendly though not necessarily outgoing, gentle, She tries her best to be optimistic and cheer her friends up when they're down but sometimes has trouble articulating it.

She is a monstrologist in-training and has a natural knack for taking care of monsters. She often finds monsters that other people find gross or creepy to be cute. She's also skilled in defensive and healing magic.

I've previously posted this whole line up on tumblr. I also posted my experiments with Vivia's and Morrisa's color schemes on tumblr as well.
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oh my god 
they're all so cute
Morrisa's my favorite.
just omg
so cute <3
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Very Cute
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